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One of the many tracks I started since last summer (2013), I've held onto them for a long time, waiting to make sure the tracks were just right. Upon this, I've taken on some other projects such as YouTube video creating, podcasting, and other things.
This one is personally my most favourite of what's to come. I 'pictured' the beginning sound in my mind, and knew I loved it when I actually made it real!
And just having graduated from high school last night, and having prom tonight... I feel flippin' pumped right now! Thanks so much to those who've supported me and who check out this new track!
The revised version has volumes tweaked, and a new rhythm piece fit in.
Happy Canada Day, by the way!


released July 10, 2014





Wow. You're actually here! Thank you so such for visiting!
Anyhoo, I, JBJblAAAAAAAAAze, produce electronic music, and later publish it on Bandcamp & SoundCloud for you all to hopefully get to have a listen! I like to go from wacky sounds to more-er-less wacky sounds. I also occasionally will remix a song for a contest that I really like, and in the end, pray that it sounds good! Thanks 4 reading! ... more

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